Understanding the "Modern Wellness Model"

Navigating the Health and Wellness industry can be overwhelming and frustrating!

There are so many types of providers to choose from. Each can be effective or not, depending on the issues they are trying to resolve. Some are considered the Traditional Medical Model like physicians, physical therapists, nurses, dieticians, psychologists, counselors, podiatrists and in some cases chiropractors and midwives. Others are considered to be Holistic Medicine practitioners including integrative medicine physicians, acupuncturists, naturopathic physicians, chiropractors, massage therapists, Rolfers and yes energy workers, shamans and other spiritual healers. There are also a great many providers found in the Health, Fitness and Wellness Industry including Pilates instructors, personal trainers, yoga teachers, life coaches  and more.

On top of the many provider choices, there are varying forms of payment and reimbursement typically used for services including cash, health insurance and trade. Who-Takes-What-Form of payment can be confusing and often dictate the type of services people choose to seek out. Much of this is dependent on the total amount of "health dollars" people need or desire to spend.

While many providers accept health insurance, the current rates for reimbursement are declining and more businesses are shifting to cash-pay in order to continue providing high quality of services. This is a topic for later discussion!

Bringing it together: Integrative Medicine

The greater health and wellness industry includes products and services that strive to promote balance in mind, body and spirit. In today's wellness market there is an increasing appreciation for, and utilization of strategies that blend varying practice patterns.

Integrative Medicine combines some of these products and services based on their strengths in isolation, or in combination with each other, for particular health needs. These approaches are popularizing because they capitalize on the synergistic potential of separate treatment philosophies to help people further along their quests for optimal health. Since it is obvious that our health care system is slow to adopt an integrative approach as the norm, it is up to local communities to promote their health-care-culture as one of collaboration, where the client drives the communication between the various health/wellness providers they seek care from.

We at Synergy Therapeutics are committed to working with other local providers and businesses to get integrated by WORKING TOGETHER for the benefit of all. We feel very strongly about creating an environment of "Healthcare with a Community Feel", and will work with your existing team of professionals to get you better, faster and more holistically.